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The ideal wine for the Portobello Confit



Without any doubt, when you visit La Casa del Agua, is inevitable not to accompany our delicious dishes with some bottle or glass of wine from the great variety that we have in our menu.

In La Casa del Agua we want your experience to be 100% pleasant, that is why we will dedicate this space to recommend you the best selection of wine for your favourite dish from our menu.

In this occasion, we will talk about the “Portobello Confit”, a classic dish of our establishment, which has a preparation that needs a lot of dedication, as all our guests deserve. This dish is baked slowly for five hours, put on a country bread with portobello’ mousse and truffle, accompanied by a coulis of fresh cheese and decorated in fine manner specially for you.

To accompany this strater, our Sommelier Hans Späth recommends to marry it with the Chilean Undurraga Pinot Noir wine from the Leyda Valley.

Wines with Pinot Noir grapes are characterized by being lighter and having a low level of tannin (natural chemical substance of vegetable origin that is located in the wine).

The Leyda Valley in Chile has won with ease a remarkable reputation in the wine field due to the flawless quality

in the production of grapes of the region, this is why Undurraga house has an important settlement in this area that has proved to be quite generous for viticulture.

The Undurraga signature was founded in 1885 and it is the most awarded oenologist project in Chile. Since its establishment, it has been characterized for looking for the quality and character that the consumer deserves. Its Pinot Noir, equally awarded and honored internationally, is available in two labels of the house Terrior Hunter and Sibaris.

The Pinot Noir grape is characterized by having a burgundy tone, the typical aromas of that wine are red and black fruits like cherry, blackberry, raspberry, plum, among the most prominent. The primary aromas are determined by the redcurrant and truffle. Its color tends to be ruby red.

La Casa del Agua invites you to come and live the experience of tasting some of our more than 500 wine labels. Remember that every friday we carry out our traditional tasting Friday and we would love to have you here.

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